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Are you frustrated by your production?

You are not alone

Many of our customers have been where you are now.

Do you need to increase output, quality and versatility?
Do you want to decrease price per piece?
Are you facing complex production that produce errors?
Do you need a reliable and capable machine?
Do you want a less complex and more profitable production?
Do you expect your machine to run smoothly and have less problems?

Welcome to Schmale Machinery, your partner in engineering and where we care about your production. Start with an email or a phone call. We will travel to your location to view your needs and begin the process of designing your solution.
Watch as it revolutionizes your production!

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Why Schmale?

Schmale Machines usually provide:

  1. Efficient production
  2. High quality production
  3. Reliable partner in business
  4. Increased output
  5. Increased versatility with production machines

What could happen without Schmale Machines:

  1. Costly secondary operations
  2. Inefficient production
  3. Unreliable partner in customer service and servicing the machines
  4. Time and manpower consuming production with multiple machines



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Just bending wire?

Is there a better way to do wire forming? Yes!Faster. A cycle time of 2 seconds for the shown parts is state of the art.

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Door Striker Production

Is there a better way to produce door strikers? Yes!Faster. A cycle time of 1.2 seconds is best in class. That´s nearly one door striker

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Standard Machine Series

From two meter wall with a 40 ton press and five slides…

… to four meter wall, 200 ton and 700 ton presses and some slides…

…to six meter wall, a magazine and six stations.

Almost anything is possible with the X2000 series.

Standard Machine Catalogue

Technology Catalogue

Learn About the Revolutionary X2000NC

We'll come to you and show you what the X2000NC can do!

All our technology can be modularly combined with others and is not limited to a machine concept e.g. X2000.
Please regard the technology as a modular system from which you can choose the elements you require.

Even after you’ve bought it.

4Slide Hook
Strip Processing
Lug and Notch Processing
Threading with Collar Swaging and Flattening
Flattening and Jointing
Clamping Ring
Flattening and Punching
Wire and Strip
Cold Forming
Strip Machining
Lug Pressing and Punching
Swaging of Solid Material
Pipe Machining
Wire Machining

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