Why Choose Us?

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We work differently.

When starting a project, we analyze our customer’s individual manufacturing problem minutely and then compile a tailor-made technology package. This always comes first when planning our wire, pipe and strip production systems. Each manufacturing technology can be modularly combined with others. This sets us apart from our competitors – we just work differently.

We think outside the box. Which is an advantage for our customers.

Our team of developers always thinks beyond project boundaries, is constantly looking for optimization potential, e.g. saving raw material or energy, and, at an early stage, takes future expansions of the systems into consideration. This way our customers can always receive a highly productive and future-proof solution.

Innovative machines: Servo-electric and energy-efficient

Our favorite subject is the controlling of servo drives, an essential part of Schmale’s innovative system engineering. By using energy-efficient technology consistently, our machines need approx. 50 percent less energy than comparable systems of our competitors. We have created our own label for especially energy-efficient machines.

Complete solutions for various industries

We realize complete solutions ranging from modularly-designed machining centers to tailor-made special machines. Our core competencies include the intelligent automation of different work steps. Schmale systems are located at suppliers for the automotive and railway industries, in the packaging industry or at the manufacturers of kitchen appliances, bicycles, DIY products, etc.

Schmale – Innovations with servo-motors

With the launch of its X2000NC, Schmale has for the first time brought a completely servo-electrically driven system to the market. The model has a series of benefits as opposed to mechanically or hydro-mechanically driven systems, not least of which being the installation of servo-motors. This makes the X2000NC with servo-motors considerably easier and faster to program than systems purely operated by mechanics. Add to this the fact that servo-motors ensure smoother handling of the materials. As a result, this technology also positively affects the quality of the final product. Setup time, output, and energy efficiency are extremely favorable for production systems with servo-motors which operate mostly without oil. Machines with servo-motors also enable the integration of preexisting mechanical tools. The X2000BK produced by Schmale is also able to operate standard Bihler tools. This increases the range of possible manufactured products even further and reduces the conversion time.