Different NC-Slides on an X2000NC-BK

  2 tons 3 tons 6 tons 10 tons 15 tons 24 tons
servo electric  ✔

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We at Schmale Machinery started fabricating punching and bending slides in 1965. Since then, all slides we designed in house by our engineers. Nowadays, we can offer a wide variety of slides in several styles, being the hydraulic driven slides the oldest and the servo-electric driven slides the newest and most innovative in our stock.

The main difference between the hydraulic driven slides and the servo-electric ones is the basic principle of operation. While the hydraulic driven slides use the hydraulic force principle to perform bending, punching or any other forming process needed, the servo-electric units operate by means of an electric motor that is attached to them with all the operation being computer and PLC controlled.

While some slides found in the market can only reach up to 6 tons of operational force, our slides can go to operational forces that are 4 times higher, with standard models of 2 tons, 6 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons and 24 tons. All of those are servo electric driven. This is very helpful for those specific and special applications that can be found in the metal manufacturing industry.

Moreover, Schmale Machinery slides come with a standard attachment at the front to fix the die according to the operation required. Also, there are some adapters available for specific tooling, such as those from Bihler, for example. This means that custom dies from the customers can be attached easily.

Also, our slides are better than others in the market when it comes to ensuring that the force is accurately guided to the desired point, which avoids the need of additional guides to be built by the customer, as it happens with those that do not have solid guides.

Why Schmale Machinery

We have been producing slides since 1965, which gives us an experience of 5+ decades. Our slides have proven to be highly reliable along the years, which can be attributed to working with top-notch suppliers such as Siemens, Bosch and Festo.

When it comes to the servo-electric driven units, we have a 15+ years of experience, as we started building them in 2003.

As it is the case with all other production technologies, Schmale places the highest standards on the productivity and future viability of the machines created. Custom slides can also be built with specific operational forces and for specific applications, using our standard electric drives but tailoring the mechanical side to the customer’s needs. Sensors are used in many machines to ensure flawless function of the bending slides. Bending slides equipped with quick-clamping systems make it easier to change the tool, thus reducing operational times significantly to improve productivity and profitability.

Schmale Machinery has delivered hundreds of integrated and automated machines to serve a wide range of industries including the automotive industry, the household industry, the building industry, the public transportation industry and others, resulting in a large list of happy customers.

Our customers can rely on a dedicated customer service department with remote service and on-site service, mostly provided within 24 hours.

To have a better view of the slides and their operation capabilities, please refer to the pictures, videos and charts provided.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly help you.