How is the X2000 different?

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With the launch of its X2000 NC, Schmale has for the first time brought a completely servo-electrically driven system to the market. The model has a series of benefits as opposed to mechanically or hydro-mechanically driven systems, not least of which being the installation of servo-motors. This makes the X2000 NC, X2000 BB and X2000 BK models with servo-motors considerably easier and faster to program than systems purely operated by mechanics. Add to this the fact that servo-motors ensure smoother handling of the materials. As a result, this technology also positively affects the quality of the final product. Setup time, cyclic output, and energy efficiency are extremely favorable for production systems with servo-motors which operate completely without oil. Machines with servo-motors also enable the integration of preexisting mechanical tools. The X2000 BK produced by Schmale Maschinebau is also able to operate standard Bihler tools. This increases the range of possible manufactured products even further and reduces the conversion time many times over. Small batch sizes can also be realized easily and with low time and cost expenditure.

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