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Diameter 1/4“, 0,75 sec cycle time, 80 pcs./min., bending at 22,500lbs, finished part falling out with stamped letters, power requirement approx. 15 kW

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4Slide hook

There are several applications that involve small and simple parts which are usually taken for granted despite being crucial for the performance of the specific application. A good example of this can be seen in automotive applications such as the door locks, where the lock striker is seen just as a piece of metal attached to the body of the car. However, if the lock striker on the vehicle is not properly manufactured to the exact dimensions and according to the specifications required, the lock may not work as expected and it could result in safety issues.
Lashing rings are another good example of simple but very important parts taken for granted. These elements take part in different applications, and most of those applications have their safety depending on the performance of the lashing rings, as it is the case of those used to secure the cargo of a truck.

What are 4-slide hooks?

Both the lock striker on the car and the lashing rings described before are examples of a 4-slide hook. In general, any part formed from a bent wire can be a 4-slide hook, no matter the shape or the application. The term 4-slide hook refers to the fact that the wire is formed by 4 sliding benders.
Traditionally, it would take several steps to achieve the desire shape for the hook, one step for each bend required. However, Schmale machines integrate innovative technology to optimize the manufacturing process resulting in more profits and a shorter time to market.
Therefore, the four sliding benders can be arranged in different angles to achieve the expected shape, and they can also be integrated with other manufacturing processes within the same machine, which means all the requirements are met with a high level of automation and great added value.

4-slide hooks manufacturing with Schmale machines

Some of our clients require more than one feature on their 4-slide hooks, which is why we are able to precisely tailor the range of production possibilities. In general, the automated solutions offered by Schmale Machinery include automated wire feeders, punching presses to mark the part according to specifications, cutters to separate the part from the raw wire being fed and of course the arrange of sliding benders to give the shape to the hook. You can have a better view by referring to the pictures.
Moreover, as it was said before, if you require any other process to be performed on the part, a threaded section for example, it can be integrated to make sure the whole process is fully automated and optimized from start to end.
If you are looking for any wire bending solutions, or you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly help you.